About Us

Since 1979, SWOOP’s “State of the Art” skydiving environment has defined quality and professionalism as a not-for-profit, member-run club. We are the closest dropzone to the GTA, with an awesome view of Hamilton and the Harbour, Lake Ontario, the Toronto Skyline, and the CN Tower. Sometimes, on a clear day, you can even see Pennsylvania across Lake Erie!

As a non-profit, member-run club, we are smaller and have a tighter sense of community than larger, commercial dropzones. We average over 3,000 skydives annually.

For us, the safety of our customers and students is our top priority. That is why we continuously update our student gear and our tandem gear each year, ensuring that it is always air-worthy and provides the maximum level of safety to everyone involved.

At SWOOP, we have two aircrafts to keep our operations going under all conditions. We have a highly experienced staff with collectively more than 50,000 skydives and a great history of well over 30,000 student jumps. We also have on-site coaches and instructors to help new and experienced students and skydivers.

SWOOP also has on-site riggers to maintain skydiving equipment to peak safety.

Our facilities are complete with a clubhouse, showers, and toilets, and we also allow our fun jumpers to camp during special events.

We offer our customers a choice of: Tandem Jumps, PFF Program, plus videographers at the ready.