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Thank you for choosing us! Unfortunately Skydiving is a very weather-dependent sport and we are occasionally grounded because we cannot jump in high winds, solid clouds or rain. It is not unusual for it to be raining in the morning when we conduct the training and then a few hours later it is a bright sunny day. If after your training your jump does get cancelled you will be able to return any time within 60 days and get in the air without delay. Please don't be angry with us if the weather or conditions are not favourable and you don't get to make your jump that day... sometimes we just run out of daylight.
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Please make certain that your receiver of the certificate meets the requirements to be a safe skydiver.

All jumpers for IAD and PFF jumps must be between 18 and 50 years of age and weight at most 225 lbs.  Our parachutes and harnesses are designed to support a certain body size and weight and unfortunately we cannot accommodate anyone over 225 lbs.  Anyone over 50 years of age may do a TANDEM jump. Anyone over 225 lbs. and interested in doing a tandem should call first, as the decision is considered on a one to one basis. This is for both for liability and practical reasons.

Please note that being younger than 18 with parental consent is not valid.

The Recipient meets the requirements. 
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Thank You Thank you once again for choosing Skydive Swoop! We are certain that you will thoroughly enjoy your jump.
If you have any questions please email us.

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