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Instructor Assisted Deployment or IAD is the traditional way of making a first jump. After roughly 4 hours of ground training, you will jump solo at an altitude of 4,000 feet assisted by a certified instructor, you will exit the airplane in a flying position from the strut, the most natural and modern way to learn in this method, with the instructor deploying your main parachute during a freefall of up to 5 seconds.  You will steer own canopy down into our large landing field with the assistance of a certified ground radio instructor who will give you instructions on two radios attached to your harness. This is a great way for you to accomplish your first skydive and to say you did it all on your own!

IAD versus S/L:  IAD, or Instructor Assisted Deployment, has been proven as a modern way to learn to perform a skydive, compared to the old-style static line (rarely used anymore) by placing you in the most optimal position of hanging, or “flying” from the strut of the aircraft. All you have to do is let go, hold your arch, and you are skydiving for approximately 5 seconds until your parachute opens.
If you have already done your first IAD jump at Skydive SWOOP, then you can then advance your skills and perform subsequent IAD Jumps. You can continue jumping in this manner, following our established IAD Progression Program, with the goal of getting your 'Solo Certificate' and your 'A' Licence. Each student will progress at their own pace, but here's the general program:

Jumps 2 - 3, Same as your first IAD, from 4,000 feet. Concentration on awareness, aircraft climb out, your exit and arch.

Jumps 4 - 6, TTO's (training-throw-outs), from 4,000 feet. Arch, TTO throw, body positioning.

Jumps 7 - 9, Five second Free Falls from 4,000 feet. By this time you're skydiving On Your Own! Way cool!!! Arch, count, pilot chute throw, body positioning.

Jumps 10 - 12, Ten second free falls from 4500 feet. Stability, on-heading, count, throw.

Jumps 13 - 15, freefalling from 5,500 feet. Stability, on-heading, altimeter use, throw.

Jumps 16 - 18, freefalling from 7,500 feet. Stability, 90 degree turns, altimeter, throw.

Jumps 19 - 20, freefalling from the top floor, 10,500 feet. Stability, 180 & 360 degree turns, altimeter, throw.


IAD First Jump:  Includes approximately 4 hours of first jump course training by CSPA certified classroom instructor, gear, jump master in the plane, spotting, canopy control, accuracy landings, and radio instructor, and your first jump from 4,000 feet.

Subsequent jumps are ONLY $88.00 including taxes

Coach jump:  Solo Students get FREE COACHING by a Coach 1 to help them to advance more quickly to their first license, the A-CoP. (Other places charge for coaching.)

FREE Packing Course:  We train our students to pack parachutes as soon as they are ready. No charge. (Other places charge to learn to pack).


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