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Tandem FAQ. 

You can also read the General FAQ or IAD/PFF FAQ for more information. 

Please also check out our Cancellation, No-Show and Refunds policy.

When will I need to be there?  Tandem Jumpers will be done on a booking basis.

How long does it take to do a tandem skydive?  Under normal circumstances the Tandem Skydive requires a couple of hours from arrival to departure. Please note, however, that skydiving is very weather dependent and as such we ask that you plan on being here for 3-4 hours and if video is elected add on an additional 30 minutes.  All of us at Swoop will do our best to be make your time and your jump at SWOOP as memorable as possible.  You can enjoy your free time on the ground watching various skydives and their landings performed by our highly experienced licensed skydivers.

Can we get one video for our whole group?  Unfortunately not.  For safety reasons our videographer can only video one tandem in the air at a time.  He can, however, in the footage include your friends on the ground and in the plane ride to altitude.

What if I love it and I want to continue skydiving?  At Skydive SWOOP, you can transition into one of our two solo training programs: Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) or Progressive Freefall (PFF), or perform another tandem skydive.

Can I jump again the same day if I like it?  Absolutely yes, time permitting.

How much is it to do an additional jump the same day?  A small discount will be available if you wish to do the tandem again.   This is mainly because most of the fee goes to the tandem instructor and the cost of the plane ride.

What if I come out and take the class and decide not to jump?  You will receive a full refund less $100 to cover the cost of the class and the spot taken (since you took a spot that someone else could have filled).

What is it like to land under a parachute?  During ground school your instructor will train you to lift your legs up just before the landing.  Just as you are touching down the instructor will put both of their feet on the ground and lower you safely.  Realistically landing under canopy involves little more impact with the ground than jumping to the floor from a chair.

Will I be able to do anything during the freefall or canopy descent?  Generally the tandem master will control all aspects in order to assure you the safest experience possible.  However if you would like to try steering while under canopy you can ask the tandem master.  They will more than likely let you experience canopy control to a limited degree.  Your instructor is the professional and it is their job to guard your safety throughout your skydive.

Is there anything for my friends and family to do while I jump?  Definitely!  Your friends and family can bring lawn chairs or sit at our shaded picnic tables, observe your ground school training and take their own pictures and video to add to what your videographer will prepare for you.  You will be surprised how often friends or family end up deciding to join you, after they observe how much fun other jumpers are having!

Got any other questions?  Please drop us an Email and we will be happy to answer any and all questions. 


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