Skydive SWOOP is one of the last remaining Skydiving Clubs in Canada run exclusively by its volunteer members. We have been open since 1979 and do 1000’s of jumps each year. We take great pride in our safety record, and we are the closest dropzone to GTA with amazing views of Lake Ontario, Hamilton, and the GTA.

As a non-profit incorporation, the club is administered by an elected ‘Board of Directors’ and many other volunteers who run the entire operation on their own free time. The board and the volunteers do not make any money from the club and are there because they LOVE skydiving and want to share it with as many as they can.

Open every weekend, holidays, Friday evenings, and by special appointment mid-week. You can phone us or send an email if you have any questions. We are happy to assist!






Ready to experience the rush of freefall? First-time skydiver? Occasional skydiver? If you’re looking for information on our tandem skydives, you’ll find everything you need to know here.




Do you want to show the world what a badass you are? Do you want that next video for your Instagram?
Don’t let this moment fade in your memory. Capture it for all your friends to see.




You have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and loved it. Now you want to do this on your own. Come learn how to skydive from the gurus of Skydiving.




If you’re an experienced skydiver with a CSPA license or foreign equivalent, find out what our requirements are and what’s happening at the dropzone.

Our Testimonials


Jasmine LemJasmine Lem
00:01 26 Sep 22
My dad and I tandem skydived for the first time here and it was from start to finish a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Skydiving was always something I wanted to do and I can’t thank the staff enough for making it such an incredible experience. Janet, Harvey and Alex were so friendly, warm, caring, and welcoming. The level of care Alex provided - from his energy, his reassurances, making sure we got good pictures and videos … I felt nothing but safe in his hands. Thank you Swoop for making this father - daughter experience one for the books!
Bhavana KapoorBhavana Kapoor
20:40 24 Sep 22
Thank you for my first skydive! There’s no other place I’d rather skydive. The instructors, the staff, the owner himself are the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. Infact, the owner was too kind to drop me off to the nearest GO station because I don’t drive. Thank you for checking skydiving off my bucket list. Can’t be happier!!I’m definitely coming back in 2023! Cheers to ya’ll ♥️
Saja AlqSaja Alq
02:50 08 Aug 22
I specifically recommend the site in Dundas. The staffs’ energy, politeness, hospitality and friendliness made this experience memorable. They don’t treat you like a paying customer or view you as just a job needed to be done. They love what they do and they do it perfectly. Such an amazing experience. As for safety, I was not scared one bit the staff on site have 30+ years of experience which was reassuring and convincing enough for me to not back out. The feeling of course is indescribable.
Brittany MartinoBrittany Martino
21:14 26 Jun 22
Went for a birthday jump this week!Megan handled all the admin and was a great spirit..enthusiastic, kind and encouraging. Mic and Jason were my guides for the day! Mic talked me through every step and tried to make me as fearless as possible 😋 He was all about having fun and answered all my questions. Jason is a superb videographer.. extremely accommodating, super friendly and has great skill! Even the pilot was nice✈️Thank you to you 4 from Skydive Swoop for making my 27th birthday so memorable!!!I would absolutely do it again 🙃
Maleeha MohiuddinMaleeha Mohiuddin
13:36 16 May 22
Had an absolutely incredible first dive experience! Mark, my camera guy; Mick, my tandem master; the ladies in the office, and everyone else I met were so friendly and relaxing the fear never set in. Truly unlike anything else and I can't wait to go again.